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Holistic Health Approch & Your Health

Holistic health approaches have been around for thousands of years, helping Man to both understand himself and to maintain his health. In addition, Man has been taught that in order to maintain good health, he needs to start with his own personal development, which will lead him to truly understand himself.

True Holistic Health & how it works

As humans, we are not just physical beings, but a large part of who we are is energy-based, working throughout our physical system, allowing us to connect with each other, our surroundings and the universe. This part of us is the foundation of how our body communicates with itself mentally, emotionally, cell to cell, organ to organ and through our blood, resulting in the production of the overall creation which we see in the mirror every day.

There are many ways in which holistic health can be applied to the body, some of which are well-known, such as Healing, Massage, Meditation, Herbs, Acupuncture, Yoga, Tai Chi etc.

All these methods are different, offering various starting points to balance the body, but most importantly, each will work on at least one or more level of the energy body, therefore giving greater relief to the health condition.

Living in todays world

Living in today’s world forces us to work reactively, causing our minds to run away from us. For example, the food we eat, alcohol, drugs and television all play a big part in this. The natural harmony of our bodies becomes disturbed, thus making us become more reactive, which then forces us to work in the reactive mind more, resulting in our not listening to the other personalities with whom we live and work. Over a period of time, we become more socially disconnected with each other.

If we always connect with nature and take time out to let our minds relax, harmonisation can take place and then we can truly listen to what feels right.

Different types of Holistic Health

There are many forms of Holistic Health approach. Most well known in the western world are Meditation, Healing, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Massage Spiritual Healing, Reiki to name but a few. However, No one approach is better than the other. What makes the difference is simply the person’s ability to deliver the skill.

Why work with us

There are many forms of Holistic Health approach as mentioned above and no one approach is better than the other.

Depending on how much the practitioner can access him or herself will determine how much that he or she can give. Therefore, for example, one healer may be better than another, or one person giving a massage may make you feel better than another, or if a Tai Chi teacher is able to access his energy system more than another, you will learn much more because you are learning energetically and not mentally.

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